Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tim Brown? Why do I bother?

Please accept my apology. I just can't help myself.

I have a rather useless and time wasting habit of visiting several Christian blogs (as you can plainly see from my previous posts). My problem is, I enjoy the dialogue, when I do find it, that comes when two people disagree. I think there are few things as intellectual stimulating as a cordial debate.
But, what I am finding is that many Christians seem to have little or no desire for such antics. It seems that all they care about is telling anyone who will listen (or read) what they think, and have no desire to reciprocate, especially, ESPECIALLY, if the response is disagreeable. Case in point: Tim Brown has a blog, The Reformed Gadfly, of which I visit from time to time. If I find a post of interest, I will read it. If I find the post deserving of a response, I will submit one. Now, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't quite understand what is...wrong?, undesirable?, offensive?, in my doing that.
Tim Brown has a new post up where he states his plans on posting "Troll quotes". Honestly, I have no idea what a "Troll" is with reference to blogging. I am not sure if it is someone who reads your blog and leaves disagreeable comments? I am not sure if it is someone who leaves nasty comments? I just don't know, but since Tim Brown has not posted any, (or rather, either) of my responses in his comments section, I have to assume he is referring to me (as one of the many "Trolls" he has to sift through.
I am going to try very hard not to sink to his level as I continue with this post.
First, the reader will notice the picture he is using to reference those of us who disagree with him.

Sure, he is just trying to be funny...I think, and I guess if I was a believer, my attitude would be such that I would feel that anyone who disagreed with me, and had the nerve to tell me so, would be a rather ugly person.

On to a few of his comments: We get them all the time here at the 'Fly. Comments that never see the light of day, for all kinds of reasons. One main reason is that trolling has, of late, grown to almost epidemic proportions. Not necessarily in number but in just plain old nastiness. And I mean nasty. Well, at least they haven't stooped to calling my mother names. . .at least not yet.
Now, as I said, I am not very sharp, but Tim Brown seems to be saying that he gets a lot of "trolling" commenters. I have to assume that he doesn't get very many...(what's the opposite of troll)...agreeable commenters because most of his posts have no comments, and those that have comments have one or two, that's it. I have to wonder what he considers "epidemic proportions"? Is he exaggerating? Is he being dishonest?
You can plainly see from my previous post that I was anything but nasty. My comment was never posted on his blog.

It just seems that posting a comment from someone like this would be generally, well, stupid. What would be the point? After all, the whole idea of what a troll does is to try to get some sort of visceral gut reaction and start a fight. It turns into one of those "Supply proof but I'll never accept anything as valid proof" things. . .although they would never admit that.
Again, I have no idea if I qualify for a troll or not. I just have to assume that I do. I guess I will find out when he posts the "Troll quotes", to see if any of mine are in there. I don't necessarily disagree with him here. If my desire was to "start a fight", then why bother. But my only motivation in submitting a comment was to see if he is capable of thinking for himself with regard to his religious beliefs, and to (hopefully) influence a reader of his blog to think for them selves, rather than offer the robotic "Amen" to his every post.
As for his "valid proof" claim. All I can do is scratch my head. I am sure his definition for "proof" is much different than mine, especially with regard to HIS OWN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Proof is unnecessary with regard to a religious belief. He needed no proof to become a believer, so why would he claim to be offering proof to us non-believers? Answer: The line between proof and belief has become so blurred, in his mind and with regard to HIS OWN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, that he can no longer see it.

And since the chief end of man is to glorify God and such conversation doesn't glorify God, then it just stands that it doesn't belong here. Besides, so many times, these people have their own blogs and submitting their comment basically amounts to advertising their blog (click on their name and "presto" you're reading their stuff!). Don't care for that too much here.
This is one of the many reasons why I find Tim Browns particular brand of Christianity so repulsive. He actually thinks his actions "glorify God". He actually thinks everything he posts on his blog glorifies God, that includes posting pictures of ugly ghoulish figures in reference to those who disagree with him.
As for the last sentence, I find that attitude to be incredibly shallow and self serving. What kind of blogger would not want his readers to expand their minds?...answer, Christian Tim Brown.

See, just because we don't post troll comments doesn't mean we don't have them archived. No No No! Yesserreee Bob, we sure do keep them. See, we can answer troll comments, but we can opt to do it on our own terms. . .and in doing so, we don't get mired in a thread that gets further and further afield and begins to generate more heat than light.
Now, this may be a play on words, maybe not, but my blogger name is "bob"?

Besides, if I started discussing things with all the trolls that come by here demanding a "conversation", I wouldn't have time for anything else. So, they are archived. And we indeed deal with them; in a controlled way. It just seems to be the wise thing to do. Think of it as quarantining.
Actually, I really had little desire for a "conversation" with him. Would have been interesting, possibly. I mean, I do enjoy the debate, but I just submitted a response in disagreement. Me thinks Tim Brown thinks to highly of himself.
Notice the last sentence. Tim Brown actually considers any opposition as completely unworthy of any response besides making fun of. I have come across other believers like this. Their only defense for their absurd beliefs is to make fun of those who disagree with them. Kind of how middle schoolers act. If you can't offer any defense, pretend like it doesn't matter, and stick your tongue out at your detractor.

So, while I sort through the troll archives, prepare yourselves for a chuckle or two. Yes, names will be changed to protect the. . .er, never mind. We'll just change the names or leave them off altogether.
The insults never cease. Of course, all I am offering is my opinion of Tim Browns attitude. He couldn't care less what I think. But what I think of him, and those like him, is important to me. And it is attitudes like this, from Christians, that makes me rejoice that I got out when I did, eight years ago. According to Tim Browns blog, he has been a Christian for ten years. I was one for 25 years. Is it possible that, when I was a Christian, my attitude towards those who disagreed with me, was as unappealing as Tim Browns? I guess so, but I think personality is very hard to hid, even when inside a religion. Some people are just not nice, and Jesus seems incapable of making them nice.

In a nut shell, if I had any inclinations of becoming a is people like Tim Brown who would make me pause. If he is an example of what God does when one becomes a believer... no thanks. I find nothing attractive in his attitude...his attitude toward, shall we say, the vocal lost.