Wednesday, August 1, 2007

could someone please explain it to me?

How in hell did Adam Sandler become this mega-millionaire "actor"? Please!
Years ago, during my on and off years with Saturday Night Live, I would either turn the channel or hit the mute button when a skit with Adam Sandler came on. In my view, he was not funny. He was silly at best, to the point of embarrassing, and the mere fact that he had somehow managed to land a spot on one of the most popular comedy shows, made his lack of talent that much more irritating to me.
Now he has, like many of the former SNL cast members, graduated to the big screen. How? Why? What am I missing? Even now, when a preview of one of his movies runs, I change the channel.
I have never watched more than a minute of a Sandler movie. I just can't stand it. I have never watched more than a minute of a George W. Bush speech for the same reason. No talent. How? Why?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

why do they believe? why do they worship?

I don't know where I read this. I made a few modifications to suit my line of reasoning.

Why do Christians believe in and worship God?

See if you agree with this statement - Christians believe in and worship God because they believe he is loving, and because, in his mercy, they believe he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for their sins.

As a Christian, do you agree with that statement?

I do not agree with that statement. I'll show you why.

Lets pretend for a second.
Take the average Christian. Let's say he or she agreed to the above statement as to why they believe in and worship God.

Let's say that the bible states that God loves us, and that all people must believe in and worship God (pray to him, worship him and fellowship with other believers, financially support his ministers, help spread his word, obey his commandments, etc), basically what the bible actually does say...correct?

Now, let's pretend that the bible says that when we die, Christian or not, you, me, and every human on earth, all of us are condemned to hell forever and ever, no matter what we do or what we believe.

I know the bible says that if you believe in Jesus as your savior you will go to heaven, but we are pretending that the bible says everyone goes to hell when they die. We are pretending that everyone is doomed, but at the same time everyone is commanded by God in the bible, to worship God (go to church, tithe, and follow the laws of God, etc).

Now, with this in mind, (please try to think how you would feel if this was what the bible said) do you think people would worship God knowing that they were going to hell forever, whether they worship him or not?

Take a moment and think about it.



I don't think they would.

If the bible said: "Believe in and worship the Lord your God, and when you die, you will spend eternity in hell ", would you worship God?

Think about it.

Wouldn't it be kind of...insane...for people to waste their lives worshipping God, even though they knew from what the bible said, that he was going to send them to hell anyway?

If there were no heaven, only eternity in hell, what would be the benefit of worshiping God? Would there be any benefit at all?

People would not care about religious beliefs because those beliefs simply would not matter. Most likely they would place a greater value on life and try their best to live as long as they could. They would be afraid of war because, if killed, they would meet the wrath of God and his eternal punishment immediately. This world would be a different place. No one would worship God even if they knew for a fact that God existed. We would all probably be angry at him for the punishment that we would face, and that of our children.

Now, according to Christian beliefs, based on the bible, there is a heaven and eternal after-life in heaven for Gods followers, which means none of what I wrote above really matters anyway.

However what it does tell us is actually why people worship God. It's not because he's all mighty, all loving, and all powerful, or all merciful. What it means is believers worship God for one reason: to escape hell. For, as I have shown, if there were no heaven, but only eternity in hell, no one would be worshiping God, regardless of the claims in the bible about his nature (all-mighty, all-loving, all-powerful, and all-merciful).

And God knows all of this because he is all-knowing, correct? This tells us three very important things;
1- People believe in and worship God for one reason; to escape hell.
2- God knows this.
3- No one will go to heaven.

Why will no one go to heaven?

Because God knows that the only reason people believe in and worship him is to escape hell. He is all-knowing remember? And he knows that if there was no heaven, only hell, that all those who worship him, would not be worshiping him. This means that Christians do not worship him because of who he is, but because of what the bible says he will do for them, namely; keep them out of hell.

This is the epitome of selfishness...and God knows this, and since no Christian will admit that the reason they worship God is just to escape hell, they are lying to God, themselves, and all those who they witness to.

Monday, July 30, 2007

they are not looking

An email to my friend.

I have had kind of an epiphany. Goes something like this: As long as a Christian is satisfied with what their faith gives them (emotionally) it is absolutely futile to try to get them to see that what they believe in is based on nothing more than myths and emotions.
As you have experienced before, and I have also, and thousands and thousands of non believers before and after us have and will experience, when you talk to a Christian who is content that what they have is the truth, you will not be able to break through to them. Why? Well, because they are not looking.
Just as if you were trying to get your sister to see that her husband is abusing her. If she is content in the relationship, she will not be able to see what you are talking about.
Same with a person who has a lousy job. If they work long hours and get paid next to nothing, but are reasonably happy, they will never understand why you are trying to tell them to go get a better job.
My girlfriend is happy with her church life. She goes every Sunday morning, sings the songs, gives at least 10%, listens to a 45 minute sermon, is on the finance committee, and never picks up her bible Monday through Saturday. She is happy with that. It would be insane for me to even try to bring up just some generic biblical topic or religious discussion, because we will probably disagree, and she does not care to hear any disagreements. She is content to believe what she believes because she believes she believes the truth. She is not looking.
Same with your Grandson. He believes he has all he needs, and is happy with that. It was a mistake for me to even enter into a discussion with him. There was no way that I could possibly break through his "happiness". He is not looking.
Now, if you come across a Christian who is looking, well, now there is a chance of getting through to them. Why, because they are not satisfied with their faith. They are either dissatisfied with their church, or their own "spiritual condition", or both, or, they are new to the faith and the cement has not had time to cure.
When I was a Christian I was never satisfied. I always wanted to "grow in the Lord" but could never seem to reach an even plain, could never rest in where I was. I always felt I was lacking in some area of "spiritual service or worship". So, I was never happy with where I was. I was always looking.
But, I am guessing you are similar to me in that, you enjoy discussing with people of faith, what they believe and why you don't believe what they believe. I greatly enjoy that, especially when it is a civil discussion. But, as I am just now realizing, it will most likely not be civil if the person we are talking to IS NOT LOOKING. If they are perfectly happy where they are, in their religious faith, leave them alone, let it go, zip it shut.
From now on, if I am approached by a Christian, and they show some interest in my lack of faith, the first thing I am going to ask them before we discuss anything about belief-vs.-non belief is -

Are you prepared to accept that idea that you may have it all wrong?
Are you prepared, finally, to give the idea that there may not be a God, that the bible may not be the word of God, and that there is a chance that everything you now believe concerning your Christian faith may be simply based on nothing but myths and emotions?

If they can't give me that, they are not looking, and if they are not looking, our dialogue will end badly.
So, my late new years resolution is to follow my own advice above.