Wednesday, August 1, 2007

could someone please explain it to me?

How in hell did Adam Sandler become this mega-millionaire "actor"? Please!
Years ago, during my on and off years with Saturday Night Live, I would either turn the channel or hit the mute button when a skit with Adam Sandler came on. In my view, he was not funny. He was silly at best, to the point of embarrassing, and the mere fact that he had somehow managed to land a spot on one of the most popular comedy shows, made his lack of talent that much more irritating to me.
Now he has, like many of the former SNL cast members, graduated to the big screen. How? Why? What am I missing? Even now, when a preview of one of his movies runs, I change the channel.
I have never watched more than a minute of a Sandler movie. I just can't stand it. I have never watched more than a minute of a George W. Bush speech for the same reason. No talent. How? Why?

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