Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Revolting Call to Action

Over at The Reformed Gadfly, the blogger posted his call to action against McDonald's, joining in with the likes of the American Family Association, those appointed by them selves to watch over the sinfulness of the entire US of A, and probably beyond.
I left a comment for the reformed gadfly but, as has been the case before, it probably will fall short of approval, so I thought I would post my comment to him here.

What is it exactly that you are against? It's obvious you are against homosexuality? Are you against homosexuals being able to make a living? I have to guess you are. Are you against anyone offering to help homosexuals make a living? Again, I have to assume you are. McDonald's wants to put some of their resources and influence to work "promoting "gay" and "lesbian" business ventures." In other words, to help gays and lesbians make a living, correct? What other "sins" do you believe should keep a person from making a living? How about fornicators? Do you think Christians should boycott any business owned by a person who had sex before marriage? What about cigarette smokers? If the owner of your local KFC is addicted to cigarettes but is heterosexual, would you consider boycotting his restaurant? How about gluttony? What if your banker is 50lbs over weight, are you going to pull your money out? Since being any religion other than Christian is sinful, just to be consistent, why don't you limit your patronage to only business that display a cross or Jesus fish in their window?
I have no confidence that you will be able to see the absurdity in your stance, but I had to try.

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